【SaLuSa】2014-12-19 在你們的前方有著最最神奇的未來

We come to you for the last time this year,one that like others before it has sped by as time continues to flow faster than ever.Some of whom have experienced the ups and downs of life for a long time,are no doubt pleased particularly now that the end of this cycle is here.Naturally the end times are chaotic as the changes take place,but it is no easy task to bring them in when so much negativity is being cleared.However,the higher energies are bringing in the positive changes,and already they are being felt.As we have often advised you,the coming year will be notable for the implementation of many of them although we will be restricted in what we do,until the Illuminati are placed where they can no longer interfere with your progress.Much is happening that will lead to complete victory over the dark Ones,who will be unable to follow their plan for the imprisonment of Man.

The coming of the City of Light,Sedona will open the way to more developments that will show beyond any doubt that the New Age has arrived.At a time yet to be defined,World Peace will be declared and maintained through the presence of the Galactic Federation.Through enforced governmental changes,more souls of the Light will take up positions of importance that will ensure they are seen through as intended and in no way impeded or denied.The End Times of this cycle are of utmost importance to your future,and we will ensure that they proceed in accordance with the wishes of God.Unlike previous cycles,this one will be fulfilled because you are ready for a great leap forward into the Light.

There is only the One Creator of All That Is,and the One God of this Universe regardless of the different names by which they are known.Therefore you are One with All That Is and it is worth noting when you are challenged over your beliefs.Eventually all will understand and accept the truth of your origins,and it will be so wherever you travel in the higher dimensions of the Universe.Ahead of you there are numerous opportunities to seek as you desire,and explore the magnificence of life forms in abundance. On Earth you have led a very restricted life and other civilisations have not been allowed to interfere with the Greater Plan for your evolution.Of necessity you have however made limited contact with Extra-terrestrials and become familiar with seeing their craft in your skies.You will make full contact in the course of time,but much has to take place before it is possible.The interim period will be exciting for you as you rapidly move forward in your evolution.

Now is the time for all Lightworkers and all souls to maintain their present level of evolution,and know that anyone may at any time take a giant leap forward.Know that all souls will eventually find their correct place in the Universe,that will enhance their plans to continue moving ever onwards.Naturally in the higher dimensions time does not exist as you now know it,and you will find everything is in the Now.These levels are not entirely strange to you as you came from them before you agreed to experience the lower vibrations.In other words you are all experiencing as you agreed to do so,but the long cycle in the lower dimensions is now coming to a close as the new one takes prominence.

Most of you have led many,many lives at all different levels as part of your experiences in the lower vibrations.You have also experienced many different roles according to which ones offered you the best opportunities to evolve.Be assured you will have had grand lives of having all that you needed,but also experienced 「lack」 so that you kept a balance where your needs are concerned.Eventually your experiences will be finely balanced and you will not seek riches beyond your needs,but simply sufficient to meet your circumstances.In the higher dimensions the same challenges do not exist,as you will eventually have the power of thought to manifest exactly according to your needs,and more when necessary.The higher dimensions are your true home and a multitude of different experiences await you,according to your desires.

Your task is to now be positive regardless of what happens around you,and help others through the coming period so that they may understand what is happening.Your presence can lift others up by bringing a calmness into their lives,so that they too can help.It will not be very long before it becomes apparent that changes are occurring that are beneficial to the whole.The most important of them will occur when the Press is able to report events accurately and truthfully,where previously they were controlled by the Illuminati and their minions.Television news is also unreliable but it too will change in a relatively short time.For many years you have been deliberately misled,and often fed absolute lies to enable the dark Ones to manipulate events that have affected your future.These situations will eventually cease to cause you problems and then you will enjoy a new found freedom.

We meantime carry out our tasks with joy knowing that your freedom from the oppression of the dark Ones is getting nearer.You have served your time in the lower vibrations,and now you will not need to look back as your progress will be assured.The magnitude of the changes to come will surprise most souls,and we feel privileged to be present at such a momentous time in your evolution.You have the most wonderful future ahead of you,and are destined to join us if that is your desire.With your experience you have qualifications that will enable you to serve the Light in many capacities.You will be driven by your desire to be of service to others,but in no way will it limit your ambition or need to have new experiences.In the higher vibrations your life span will be greatly lengthened,so that you can embark on tasks that require more of your time.

Dear Ones,walk tall and do not be pulled down by whatever is going on around you.You are an Island of Light and have the capacity to spread Love and Harmony wherever you are.Your presence will uplift others,and your vibrations will spread a gentle uplifting energy that will bring a settled and happy feeling to others.All people at heart want to help others,but often they cannot meet the demands placed upon them.Do what you can even if it is just a few kind words,as these will lift people up.Once you are centered in Light you will be naturally spreading it around you and it will embrace people that are some distance from you.The Light is the most powerful force in the Universe,but at this point in time you are nowhere near to approaching your true potential.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius,and send you greetings and wishes at this time of your year,when you can enjoy the festive celebrations with your friends and family.Exciting times lie ahead and a New Year that promises so much.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey
Website: Tree ofthe Golden Light
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【Hilarion】2014-12-7 你們來到這裡是為了創造出積極正面和有益的改變帶入到這顆星球的集體意識中

Beloved Ones,
It is important that you make time each day to be still so that you can go within. During this time of the year,one's schedule can become full of activities that you feel must be done,with family,friends and your community and this is wonderful as long as you do not over extend yourselves. Too often there is a tendency to place too much importance on the pleasing of others rather than on one's own needs. As in all things,there must be a balance so that your equilibrium is maintained and sustained. It might require a rethinking of priorities or of lowering your own expectations and looking at alternative options. Many times,it is one's own expectations of how things should be that create stress in one's life. Your loved ones are willing to help and are willing to adjust to new ways of doing things and to experiencing new ways to celebrate the season.

If one is relaxed and feeling peace within themselves,they do not leak impatient energies to those around them. Each person must realize that they are part of a greater whole and that their energies affect those around them,so it is important to look at themselves as having more power than previously contemplated. Many are feeling stressed,rushed and angry during these times and those who are extremely sensitive pick up this energy automatically and then wonder why they are feeling such feelings when they were feeling happy and peaceful before. Some of you are like sponges,absorbing the emotive fiery energies from all the people in your sphere of influence. When this happens,one needs to realize what has occurred and then counteract by finding a quiet space,finding time to soak in a tub of very warm and soothing water,perhaps perfumed with an essential oil of your choice and with some sea salt added to purify your auric field and clear all that is not conducive to who you really are. Listening to relaxing music is also very helpful.

When one's emotions include the feeling of gratitude,the universe rushes in to provide its counterpart in your life. At this time of the year,it is important to cultivate the feelings of the heart that open your heart centre to its radiant golden glow so that it has the opportunity to expand into greater Christ consciousness. This consciousness is freely available to everyone and requires an openness and willingness to receive. This loving energy is non-denominational and is to be received and integrated by everyone. It is especially more potent as the world moves into the solstice in each hemisphere on your planet. Working with these potent energies helps to move you forward to the greater expansion of your inherent potentials. As you move through each day,use that extra power to bless everyone and everything around you. Bless every person you meet,bless the trees,the birds,the flowers,bless all the beauty that you see. Give thanks to God for everything. When you do this consistently,the angels,your guides,the ascended masters and your higher self will work in spirit so that it is accomplished.

When you bless everything,it is by cosmic law that what goes out from you will come back to you so be prepared for many blessings in your life. Better yet,become all blessings of God by making this a daily practice and this will automatically spread all blessings to the world around you. As you daily raise your consciousness and your vibrational frequency,you are also raising your higher self to a higher level. The higher your higher self rises,the higher you are lifted up. As people raise their consciousness,their light spreads out for many miles like a blanket of pink light which assists others to open their heart and consciousness and their awareness starts to expand. This pink light expands out to encompass all who are within its field. This is why it is most important to purify one' thoughts as you expand in your power to manifest your reality by your thoughts. It is important to train your mind and watch all your thoughts to see if they reflect the God that you are.

Each and every one of you is learning to wield greater power in the world around you and this requires self discipline and self control. There are many examples of the misuse of power in the world and that is not what you are here to do. You are here to create positive and benevolent changes in the collective consciousness of the planet. You must continue to be the love and the light that you innately are. And with each passing day,we see more of you shine your brilliant light and we rejoice!

Until next week…
I AM Hilarion
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